Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day Poem

Ashleigh's teacher, Mrs. Ballack, is AWESOME!!!! For mother's day, she had a 'Mad Libs' style poem for the kids to fill out. She asked the kids questions like how much does mommy weigh, how tall is mommy? Here is my poem, Ashleigh's answers in quotations.

My Special Mom
My mom is the most wonderful mom in the whole world! She's as pretty as 'a butterfly'. She weighs '10' pounds and is '18' feet tall. Her favorite food is 'broccoli'. When my mom was as little as I am now, she used to 'go outside and play.' Her favorite toy was 'Barbies'. When she grew up, she met daddy. She was '3' years old. I think mom is funny when she 'makes silly faces.' I know when she's really angry when she 'washes my mouth out with soap.' I wouldn't trade my mom for a 'puppy.'
Happy Mother's Day

Not that you really NEEDED the quotes to figure out what parts came from Ash, but it's fun. I love my poem. And, I LOVE my kids. I had a wonderful, amazing mother's day, and hope all of you did too.