Monday, June 29, 2009

Sick Kid

You know I have a sick child when I call the doctor at 2am. Benjamin has been coughing since yesterday, but I am not one to worry. Until he is up ALL night long because he can't breathe. I called the doctor and she had me put the phone up to his mouth to listen. She said it sounds like croup and so I will be bringing him to the doctor tomorrow.

Amidst all of this, Benjamin remains cute as ever.

"mommy, I go in da hool?"
"you want to go in the pool?"
"yeah, ash and matt in da hool"
"no, they are sleeping"
"they are poopy?"
"no, they aren't poopy"
"I am poopy?"
"are you poopy?"
"no, just peepee. I go in da hool?"
"no, it's night time. You are peepee? You want me to change your diaper?"
"yeah, take my diaper off? I go in da hool?"
"Go to sleep, sweetie."

I think he was dreaming about the pool.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our New Mailbox

When we bought our house, we bought everything that comes with a 'new' old house. Old hot water heater, old kitchen appliances, old washer and dryer, and even old mailbox. Since we have painted the house, the 'old' mailbox has been scraping the paint off. Aaron isn't happy with it. So, he decided to go out and purchase some nice smelling cedar and MAKE a new mailbox. I LOVE having a handy husband. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! But, I will let you decide that for yourself. Here is the finished product. :D

Notice the lovely trim work.

We carved out the numbers. . .yes, I helped. And, even hand painted them. . .with my nailpolish.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grandparent names

Matthew and Ashleigh were hanging out with Lorri, Danielle, and Taylor tonight. In the car, there was conversation about different grandparent names. Ash and Matt asked why Meme and Pops are called Meme and Pops. Taylor explained that those are the names Meme and Pops chose to be called. When you become a grandma or grandpa, you get to choose what you are called. Lorri told the kids she wants to be called Nana. Danielle said she wanted to be called Momsicle, and her husband will be called Popsicle. Matthew said, "I know what I want to be called when I am a grandma." Lorri corrected him, "You mean grandPA." Danielle said, "What do you want to be called, Matt, when you are a grandpa?" He confidently said, "Batman".

I love my kids. :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Cinnamon Rolls

Every year I have been making cinnamon rolls for father's day as a fundraiser for the young women. This year, however, we made enough money for the girls with an earlier fundraiser. We decided that I would just make 100 rolls to hand one to every father in sacrament.

In doing this, I got a few upset families emailing me. They rely on my rolls for family gettogethers. I decided at that point that I would sell them. I sent out an email and people started placing their orders. In the end I believe I sold about 80 rolls. I am a happy baker. :D

In the past Aaron and I have talked about trying to sell them on a more consistant basis. We dropped that because of food regulations, sanitary purposes, and such. After selling them this year, I decided to go ahead and try to push the sale of my "Big Buns". I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shelf Reliance Giveaway

Shelf Reliance is doing a free giveaway. . .Here is what they are doing.

It’s a beautiful thing. The unique first in - first out design will cut down on expired food and, therefore, wasted money. The Harvest means less mess, less hassle, and fewer bruises from cans that fall all over the place if you look at them the wrong way. And the best part of all?

One of you lucky souls will be given a Harvest 72″ on Shelf Reliance’s dime. No cost to you. No strings. No joke.

This giveaway is the first installment of a new feature on their blog. They're calling it “Free on Friday,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like! They’ll be offering new giveaways every two weeks, and the fortunate winners will be announced on Fridays.

I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s how the Harvest giveaway will work:

Anyone who comments on their blog entry will be entered to win the Harvest 72″. Each comment counts as a separate entry. The winner will be chosen at noon (Mountain Time Zone) on Friday, June 26th, so get your comments in before then!

Good Luck and happy entering

The Joy of Motherhood (If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read this : )

I find it interesting that as a kid, just the smell or even the sound of someone throwing up would make me gag. Yet, as a parent, it just seems to not bother me. I was up all night long with three kids throwing up and diarrhea. Ben yelled to me, so I came to his room. His normal routine is to wake up and want a drink of water. I got to his room, and he said, "I spit." So, I naively touched his pillow to see what he meant. Yup, I put my hand right in the throw up. I called to Aaron to come help me. We cleaned Ben up, and I gave him some water. We went up to bed. I fell asleep for about 2 hours, when Ben came upstairs and told me he leaked his diaper. I took him down to fix it, and he hadn't leaked just pee. YAY!!! I cleaned that up, gave him some more water and headed upstairs. 10 minutes later, I heard Ben crying at the bottom of the stairs. I started down the stairs and heard what sounded like a cup of water being dumped on the floor. I carefully stepped around it, cleaned him up, sent him back to bed, and then cleaned the floor. I decided it was time to sleep on the couch just in case. Just as I got comfortable, Matt came running out of his room. He came to me and climed in with me. He said he was scared of the dark and wanted a light on. I cuddled him for a minute, and took him back to bed. He said, "Oh, but I threw up." You know, I though he smelled a little when I was cuddling him, but I figured it was on me from Ben. So, another sheet set to wash. I fixed Matt, and Ash asked if I would change her diaper. I got them both fixed back into bed, and I headed back upstairs. I knew at this point it was Garrett's turn to wake up. Sure enough, he did. I nursed him and put him back to bed. I fell asleep at about 5:30. Ben came up and climed into bed with me at about 5:45. He stayed there for about 15minutes. He got up to go downstairs, so I asked Aaron if he would go with Ben. Just as Aaron started to get out of bed, Ben threw up on our floor. We took him downstairs to Matt and Ash waking up. They all sprawled out in the living room. I gave each of them a bowl, and I went to clean up the mess in our room. I went back to bed, Aaron called out of work, and here I am at 7:30 writing this because my kids won't ask daddy to change a diaper. Oh, the joys of being a mom.