Thursday, October 30, 2008

So, when I was in the hospital waiting to leave with Garrett, the nurse came in and said he was shaking. She wanted to run some tests. Now, she noticed this about 20 min. after his circumcision. I figured he was shaking because the doctor just cut his penis. I let her run the tests. Everything came out normal. The doctor from the ICU even checked him out. So, the doctors let me take him home. The reason I am telling you this is becuase Aaron and I were talking about all the tests they ran on Garrett that day. We realized that the doctors were checking him for drug addiction. They thought I was taking drugs during pregnancy because a shaking newborn is a sign of drug dependency. HAHA!!! I bet it looked really great that I was trying to leave the hospital a day early. Oh, what they must have thought of me.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Darling Matthew

Well, as some of you have seen from the video from Garrett's birth, Matthew is a character. Lorri, Danielle and I took Matthew to Great Adventure Fright Fest on Friday night. Matt wanted to play games, yet I didn't bring money (for that reason. I would have spent it all on silly games). When we first got there, Lorri lovingly spent her only $5 on a game and he won a fun Elmo hat (pimp daddy hat). He then wanted to play more games. I kept telling him, "I don't have any money." Toward the end of the night, I said again, "I don't have any money." He looked at me and said, "No, Lorri has the monies."

We took Matt to the kiddie rides for a bit. He went on one little critter ride that the adults weren't allowed on. Danielle and I kept telling him to give a thumbs up and say, "You got it dude." Well, he got the "You got it dude" down pat, but the thumb part was a little trickier. He would throw up his pointer finger and say it. Then he would realize that was the wrong finger, so he would put it down. He would then look down at his fingers for a minute, and every once in a while, he would get the correct finger. It was adorable.

We had decided to go off from the group family costumes this year (Matt wanted to go to Pop's ward halloween party so it all worked out), so Matt was going to be Spiderman. He wore his costume for a week straight (he still won't take it off). Saturday morning, he was wearing the Spiderman costume, and he hit Ben. Ben started crying and he looked at Ben and said, "It's okay, it's just my muscles". So, they got up and started playing. They were 'hangin' out against the wall, and Ben looked at Matt and said, "muh-muh?" Matt said, "yeah, Ben, those are my muscles." I guess Matt decided that Ben didn't know how to say muscles well enough, so he started practicing with him. He pointed to his biceps, "Ben, can you say muscles?" Ben repeated, "Muh-muh". Then Matt pointed to his chest, "Ben, can you say boobies, BIG BOOBIES?" Oh, the innocence of a 3 year old.