Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

We went to a local farmer's market last week and picked pumpkins. The rule was that the kids had to be able to carry their own pumpkin. Little did I know how strong Ashleigh is. Her first pumpkin is in the green barrel.

Luckily, she saw the pumpkin Matt chose, the one next to it, and decided to switch to a smaller one. Thank goodness for siblings. . .although, I guess I am glad Matt didn't try to lift a larger one. He probably could have.

A good time was had by all the kids. And, dadd
y was able to stay at home and get some work done for his project while we went.

Our finished product (We only carved Mat
t and Ash's. Ben and Garrett went to bed,
and didn't know the difference).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where do babies come from?

A conversation between Matt and my mom last night.

"Meme, how are babies made?"

10 second pause as my mom tries to decide if this was a real question as opposed to a joke.

"Well, daddy's sperm fertilize mommy's egg."

Matthew contemplated this for a few moments.

"Well, will pops berlilize your egg?"

"We have already done that. We made Jason, Lindsay, Ryan, Whitney, Tyler, McKenzie, Graham, and Zachary. We are done now."