Thursday, December 27, 2007


Matthew's birthday. Today he is 3. Don't forget to call him and sing "happy birthday" to him. We all had a very wonderful Christmas. I have a copy of 'The Testaments' in the car that the kids LOVE to watch. It really helped to keep the spirit of Christmas in our family this year. We thought a lot about Jesus, and we try to keep reminding them why we have Christmas.

We all did get a lot of fun toys, though. Aaron bought me a GPS. I used it to get to his parent's house the other day. That was fun. He also printed out the cutest pictures of the kids and himself and framed them. Then he had each child write their own name under their picture. It is adorable and I am having him hang it in the living room when it is finished.

I got Aaron what I could from his list. He has some expensive taste, so he didn't get everything.

The kids got a lot. We packed up all the old toys on Monday so everything we have now is brand new. We bought them a V-Smile video game. They have fun with that. I think the best toy had to be Matt's birthday present. Aaron went online and researched (as he does with everything we buy) remote control cars. Matt opened it on Monday (we celebrated with Popeye's Chicken, an ice cream cake, and McKenzie and Arli. . .Kenton and Virginia came later), and he absolutely loves it. He got hold of the remote and it started towards him. He was shocked, so he couldn't figure out to let go of the handle. It just kept ramming into his feet. I wish I had it on video. That would have been one to send in to AFV.

Merry Christmas to all, and a very Happy New Year.

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I'm so excited to leave the first comment on your first post on your first blog!

Happy Birthday Matthew, and Merry Christmas Rockwell Family. I'm diggin' your profile pic. :)