Thursday, October 30, 2008

So, when I was in the hospital waiting to leave with Garrett, the nurse came in and said he was shaking. She wanted to run some tests. Now, she noticed this about 20 min. after his circumcision. I figured he was shaking because the doctor just cut his penis. I let her run the tests. Everything came out normal. The doctor from the ICU even checked him out. So, the doctors let me take him home. The reason I am telling you this is becuase Aaron and I were talking about all the tests they ran on Garrett that day. We realized that the doctors were checking him for drug addiction. They thought I was taking drugs during pregnancy because a shaking newborn is a sign of drug dependency. HAHA!!! I bet it looked really great that I was trying to leave the hospital a day early. Oh, what they must have thought of me.

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Arli <3 said...

Nice job whitney. I always knew you were an addict. What are you on?? And how dare you endanger those adorable kids!! ;) I will take them from you if I hear of this again!!