Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bed Time

Why is it that when I finally go to bed at a decent time like 10pm, it seems like that is the night I get woken up 100 times.

Last night, I was in bed falling asleep at 10:30. Midnight rolls around, and Benjamin comes crawling into bed. I get him to go downstairs (Thanks to Aaron who walked him down for me. . .what a loving husband), only to have Garrett wake up crying. I didn't feel like getting out of bed, so I let Garrett cry for 5 min. He fell back asleep, thank goodness. Then, about 3am, Garrett woke up to eat. I was nursing him when I heard, "Mommy!!!" Matt woke up to a nightmare. I had to have Aaron go since I was nursing. That only made it worse. "I WANT MOMMY!!!" So, I quickly finished with Garrett, and ran downstairs. He had a dream about a monster. I went through our usual, "Did you pretend the monster was wearing a pink dress, with boogies hanging out his nose, and he had blue hair?" That put a smile on his face. So, we said a quick prayer and he went back to sleep. By this time I was totally awake. I put Garrett back into his crib, and lay down. I tossed. . .I turned. . .I couldn't think. All kinds of thoughts running through my head (not to mention my allergies acting up since I was so awake). I finally got a pen and paper and wrote my thoughts down. . .things like "OH! Lorri should try taking that doorknob to Home Depot and they may re-key it for her", and "If Aaron's company plans on giving him a promotion, will they still give him his raise?" Once EVERYTHING was down on paper, I was finally able to fall asleep (1 1/2 hours after Garrett woke to eat).

Man, no wonder I am so tired during the day.

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Ruth said...

Whitney, has it been so long since we have seen you that your hair turned blonde? I barely recognize you in that picture.

Just kidding...