Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun With Words

Aaron decided this morning he wanted to have a bit of fun with words with Ashleigh. So, he whispered in her ear, and she came running over to me. "Mommy, can you fix my 'BUTTon'?" I smiled, and she went running back to him. He whispered in her ear again, and she came running over. "Mommy, can we have 'BUTTerNUT' squash for dinner?" I laughed, and Aaron was a bit proud that he got 2 good words in there. Oh, the fun we have with our kids. I don't really know if she knows what he was doing, but she certainly thought it was fun that whatever daddy was telling her made me smile. :D

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Margie and Chad said...

Whit Ashley is looking more and more like you! When I look at her I remember you when we were little! SOO CUTE!! Chad and I are planning to come to NJ this summer, will you be around??