Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where do babies come from?

A conversation between Matt and my mom last night.

"Meme, how are babies made?"

10 second pause as my mom tries to decide if this was a real question as opposed to a joke.

"Well, daddy's sperm fertilize mommy's egg."

Matthew contemplated this for a few moments.

"Well, will pops berlilize your egg?"

"We have already done that. We made Jason, Lindsay, Ryan, Whitney, Tyler, McKenzie, Graham, and Zachary. We are done now."



Margie said...

Awesome :)!!!

Linda said...

HA! well, what better than an honest answer when you're caught off guard!
everybody's gotta learn sometime :)

i'm going out to st. louis tomorrow to meet my brand new niece Matilda! i'll take a million pictures and put them on my blog...

Margie said...

I'm taking my mom's blog private, if you want to read her blog you'll have to give me your email so I can send you an invite.