Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I am my mother

Over the years, I have noticed things about myself that scream my mom. I am not complaining. . .about everything. As I get older, and my relationship with her has grown, I have been able to learn more about her. In learning more, I am able to recognize more things about me that come from her. Last Sunday, I realized just how much I am really like her. Being 8 months pregnant, I am exhausted all the time. We were sitting in sacrament meeting, and Aaron had to take Garrett out because he was tired. I was left with Ash, Matt and Ben. I pulled out a few notebooks, and pens for each of them to draw. Ashleigh asked if she could draw on my arm. I said, "sure." I figured whatever would keep them happy, would keep me happy. One by one, the three of them started drawing on my arms. By the end of sacrament, my arms were COVERED, but I got some peace and was able to close my eyes.

Later in the week, I desperately needed a nap. I hadn't been sleeping at night due to the pregnancy. I needed to calm the kids down, so I put a movie on the tv, curled up on the couch with Garrett, put Ben in my nest, and handed him a pen. When I woke up, my leg was covered.

This is something we used to do all the time with my mom. We would draw on her at church to keep ourselves busy, we would sit in her nest at home and draw while she took a nap. I have officially become my mother. And, I couldn't be happier (all the negatives included).


Kristin said...

Hi Whitney! Isn't it amazing the things that we will allow to get some peace? Hope you get a lot more sleep!

SrStewart said...

Negatives????? ... there are NEGATIVES???


jk. I love you so much, and you are a far better mother and wife than I ever was (and I wasn't too bad)