Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ash's first day of school

Okay, so it has been a while since I have updated. About 5 days after I did the last entry, I found out I was pregnant. Things got a bit crazy after that. Considering EVERYONE is blogging now, I figured I should update this, and keep up as best as I can. I figure if my sister-in-law with 6 kids can do it, I surely can. Thanks for the push, Mandy. : )

We have officially started school. Ashleigh is now a Kindergartener. YAY!!! She is going half day. Part of me is loving it, and part of me wants her to go full day. She is an enormous help around the house, so I love having her home, but to me that is selfish. She is so ready for school. She has been looking forward to this day for the past 3 years. I would love her to go full day for her. Also, as much as she is a helper, she is still a sister, and therefore she does tend to tease her brothers at times. But, I am not complaining. I LOVE HAVING HER HOME!!!

Pops and Zachary came down to our house on Tuesday night Sept. 2, to give father's blessings to Ash and Zach. As soon as they arrived Ash ran to pops and said very enthusiastically, "This is my last time to visit you." I thought it very cute that because she is starting school, she can no longer visit with anyone.
We had a lot of fun getting ready for school. Grandma had bought Ash a brand new outfit for school, but it was too big. I brought it to the store to exchange it, but they didn't have any other size, so we had a girls' day out on Saturday. I took Ash to JC Penney and she picked out the adorable outfit in the pictures (amazingly she chose jeans. But they have hearts made out of rhinestones on the pockets, so I think that helped.) Then we headed over to the nail salon, and both got pedicures. She got a manicure to match. I don't have pics of her nails, but they are a turquoise blue with a white design and sparkles over it all. Very cute.

On Wed., grandma brought over doughnuts for the kids. We all had breakfast together, and then Ash quickly put on her brand new outfit. I straightened her hair and she was ready to go at about 8am. The bus comes at 8:42, but she was VERY anxious to wait outside for her bus. I did what I could to keep them busy inside the house for a while. At about 8:30, we finally went out on the front steps. Matt and Ben sat very nicely while I waited with Ash. Luckily the bus comes right to the front of our house, so no one has to be packed into a car, or running around a busy street. She got on the bus and we headed to run errands.

Waiting for her to come home was a little different. The bus was supposed to arrive at 11:52. We went outside at about 11:45, and ended up waiting until 12:30 for her to actually get here. I know new bus routes, new routines, I just hope it's not that long every day. It was difficult keeping Matt and Ben busy for that long without them getting too close to the street. They, had fun being outside, though. They waved to all the trucks driving by. Ben caught an ant. That was fun. He was very proud of himself, "I got it. I got it."
So, the bus finally arrived, and Ash starts coming down the stairs. I said, "How was school." She replied in a huff, "It was SO HARD." I asked her what was so hard about it. She said, "It was so boring. We did HOMEWORK ALL DAY LONG." I started laughing. Then, she turned to Matt (who through all of this is VERY disappointed that he doesn't get to ride the bus or go to school yet.) and said, "Matt my school is so boring, you wouldn't want to go there anyway." After about 15 minutes of prying, I got her to tell me they had singing time. We sang the "bear hunt" song 500 times. Anyone want to hear it? She also told me that she snuck onto the playground for 2 minutes. But did not get to play with anything in the room at all.

Although Ash's first day was BORING. . .she was still VERY excited to go back today. We were out on the front porch 10 minutes early again. I will update you over the next couple of days to let you know if it gets any better. : )

Today was her second day at school. She got off the bus (time was a little better, 12:10), and I asked her how school was. She said, "Much better." She told me she was able to have free play which helps. She did NOT go on the playground today. It makes me happy that she still considers it a fun day even though she didn't get to go outside. She did a 'girl' puzzle, and although she doesn't remember a single name of any other kids, she wasn't shy and talked to the other kids and made friends. I am very proud of her. She says she is still shy with her teacher, but that will be broken in time. There is a girl she sits next to on the bus that she talks to, but again, doesn't remember a name.

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Mandy said...

You go girl!!! Love it by the way! Ash looks so cute. Love the cross-eyed pic.