Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mommy's Home

I am finally home. It has been a long and frustrating day. Being that Garrett was born at 1:23am on Tuesday morning, technically, I was to stay in the hospital until Thursday. Had he been born right before midnight on Monday night, they would NOT have let me stay past Wednesday. So, I told every doctor and nurse that I wanted to leave on Wed. They told me they would do what they can to get me out. Unfortunately, not one thing got done that they said would. The hearing test wasn't done until Wed. night, but most importantly, the circumcision didn't get done until Thurs. late morning. I pushed and pushed for it to get done on Wed., but Aaron came to visit early morning, and My mom and dad came later in the morning. I was delayed in the pushing, and the doctor that was to do the "cut" was stuck in labor and delivery ALL night long. Then I was promised that the doctor does the rounds early (like 7 or 8am), and it would get done then. But, again, it all got delayed and nothing was done until Thurs. morning at 10:45. He then has to stay in the hospital for 4 more hours. I figured at that point, I am already stuck staying in the hospital, may as well take advantage of it, so I ordered the free lunch, and one for Aaron, and took my nice hot shower, and watched some tv, and most importantly, I bonded with Garrett. It was very frustrating, yet very pleasant.

Anyways, I am home now. Aaron brought Ashleigh to pick me up. Lorri took Ben and Matt to keep the chaos at the hospital to a minimum. It is almost 6pm on Thursday, and Aaron took the kids outside to set up the trampoline and give me some sanity as I can't leave the house for a while. Garrett is doing very well, he is healthy and happy, and VERY CALM. The kids are ecstatic to have him home finally. Ashleigh was asking me ALL kinds of questions on the way home. I almost forgot Garrett was in the car as he was silent the entire way.

For those who know I was having the pelvic bone separation, it did separate more at birth. Luckily, it isn't serious. It is a very common thing to happen, and I guess it didn't separate too much with me. I was asking to OB about it, and she asked if my leg was dragging, or if I had to swing my leg around to walk. I told her no, that it was just sore to lift my leg. She said it was totally fine, and that it should heal nicely, considering I take it "easy". I can't do stairs (maybe 1 time a day if needed. So I will continue to sleep downstairs for now), and no heavy lifting (as that is with ANY birth), so I am avoiding the kids at all costs. It is at least nice to have Aaron to help for a few days. Ben is the only one that I would pick up, and I am telling him mommy has owies, and can't lift him for now.


Ruth said...

So glad to see you are home and healthy. It is such a joy to come home that first day with your baby.

Love Lorri said...

Whit it is so fun to have you home! We all love you!