Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Handsome Prince For Ash

I started work again. . .YAY!!! Lorri is babysitting the kids for us. I have to say she is our savior right now. I wouldn't have been able to go back if it wasn't for her. (Although, maybe that wouldn't have been so bad). : )

So, Lorri told me the other day that she and Ashleigh were talking. Ashleigh told her that she lived in a tall tower and that a handsome prince could cast her spell by coming and his heart had to be filled with her love, then he would recue her and they would get married. So, I feel there are a few things about that that bother me. One was that Lorri asked her, "What if the prince isn't handsome?" Ash's response was, "NO, he has to be handsome." Do I put that in her head, that we can only marry someone handsome? It makes me think back on a conversation I had with Ash about being pretty.

I was looking through a magazine and Ash pointed to one of the girls and said, "Oh, she is SO pretty." I asked her why, and she told me because she was wearing beautiful makeup. I then proceeded to find a picture of a model with barely any makeup. Ash told me she was okay. Then I asked her if I was pretty. She said, "You look pretty on Sundays, and when you go out with daddy." (The only times I every have makeup on). So, did I teach my child that we are only pretty when we are wearing makeup? Have I gone wrong in barely ever wearing makeup? If I did wear makeup every day, would that have made a difference in her thinking process?
Oh, what we worry about as parents.

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Love Lorri said...

It was really an adorable conversation! Your kids make me laugh!