Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Po-Fig. . .What does it mean?

So, my little brother (can I still call him little even though he is WAY bigger than me?) is in Russia on his mission. Apparently he is doing pretty well with figuring out the language. He wrote me a letter and said, "I am just so po-fig about things that i just dont care a lot of the times." He said he wasn't sure if 'po-fig' was English or Russian. Does anyone know what this means? I am assuming it is Russian. It is funny reading his email because his grammar and his spelling gets worse with each letter. (Not that I am perfect, either) I guess he will be an expert in Russian by the time he comes home.


Love Lorri said...

It sounds like a dessert! Or like he feels sorry for the fig he is going to eat!
I googled it and it does mean that he doesnt care about something
"Very interesting question! :) "Pofig/Pofigu" is indeed a widely-used word of Russian slang. Usually it is used in short expressions, such as "Mne pofig/Mne po figu", which roughly means "I do not care" or "This does not interest me". For example, if someone is given a choice between going to a club or to the movies, and he or she responds "Mne pofig", it basically means "Whatever" or "Either one" or "I can care less". "

Ruth said...

Hey, why isn't our blog on your list, silly? You should be a loyal reader! As for the po-fig, I have no idea either.