Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Cinnamon Rolls

Every year I have been making cinnamon rolls for father's day as a fundraiser for the young women. This year, however, we made enough money for the girls with an earlier fundraiser. We decided that I would just make 100 rolls to hand one to every father in sacrament.

In doing this, I got a few upset families emailing me. They rely on my rolls for family gettogethers. I decided at that point that I would sell them. I sent out an email and people started placing their orders. In the end I believe I sold about 80 rolls. I am a happy baker. :D

In the past Aaron and I have talked about trying to sell them on a more consistant basis. We dropped that because of food regulations, sanitary purposes, and such. After selling them this year, I decided to go ahead and try to push the sale of my "Big Buns". I will keep you updated.

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Love Lorri said...

They are YUMMY Big Buns Whit, so YUMMY!