Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our New Mailbox

When we bought our house, we bought everything that comes with a 'new' old house. Old hot water heater, old kitchen appliances, old washer and dryer, and even old mailbox. Since we have painted the house, the 'old' mailbox has been scraping the paint off. Aaron isn't happy with it. So, he decided to go out and purchase some nice smelling cedar and MAKE a new mailbox. I LOVE having a handy husband. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! But, I will let you decide that for yourself. Here is the finished product. :D

Notice the lovely trim work.

We carved out the numbers. . .yes, I helped. And, even hand painted them. . .with my nailpolish.


Margie said...

nail polish whit, That's awesome! It looks really nice... good job!

Ryan Stewart said...

It's gorgeous, Whit!


Mandy said...

Aaron is really talented! Any chance he'll make one for us? I love that you did the numbers with your nail polish!