Monday, June 29, 2009

Sick Kid

You know I have a sick child when I call the doctor at 2am. Benjamin has been coughing since yesterday, but I am not one to worry. Until he is up ALL night long because he can't breathe. I called the doctor and she had me put the phone up to his mouth to listen. She said it sounds like croup and so I will be bringing him to the doctor tomorrow.

Amidst all of this, Benjamin remains cute as ever.

"mommy, I go in da hool?"
"you want to go in the pool?"
"yeah, ash and matt in da hool"
"no, they are sleeping"
"they are poopy?"
"no, they aren't poopy"
"I am poopy?"
"are you poopy?"
"no, just peepee. I go in da hool?"
"no, it's night time. You are peepee? You want me to change your diaper?"
"yeah, take my diaper off? I go in da hool?"
"Go to sleep, sweetie."

I think he was dreaming about the pool.

1 comment:

Love Lorri said...

I wanna go in the hool too! I hope he feels better! He is adorable, if you want to get rid of him I GET HIM!